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    Two mass shootings in the United States have left 29 people dead within 24 hours, the latest such attacks in a nation torn over how to tackle gun violence.
    Wearing a fading Mickey Mouse T-shirt, her knees hugged to her chest, eight-year-old Musu Kamara sits in a corrugated shack in Sierra Leone's capital waiting for her initiation into a secret society.
    A 21-year-old white man from Allen, Texas, is in police custody after a shooting at an El Paso shopping center that killed 20 people and left 26 others injured, according to El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen.
    Elon Musk's plans for three new tunnels connection up the Las Vegas convention center, which will carry a fleet of Tesla vehicles, are flagging concerns with city authorities.
    Bitcoin has managed to claw its way back to over $10,800 today as it recovers from a recent dip well below $10,000. The top twenty altcoins are mixed but some of them are also in the green today.
    Concern has been expressed over drone safety as a drone fell out of the sky and crashed a few yards away from a group of children in Switzerland. This has led to the suspension of the entire drone delivery network for the operating company involved.
    A space startup has announced plans, following a successful test, to launch thousands of satellite ‘cell towers’ in space which will connect to the typical smartphone and which carry the promise of improved communications.
    Amazon had an increase in formal requests for information it holds. The company has been slower than other major corporations to release a transparency report, due to privacy issues, but is obviously now under much more demand for information.
    Facebook has agreed to settle a years-long legal battle with a French teacher who sued after the social media giant shuttered his account when he posted a renowned 19th-century painting that features a woman's genitals, his lawyer said Thursday.
    Princess Haya of Jordan, embroiled in a bitter legal battle with her husband the ruler of Dubai, has received support from her brother in the form of a photo on Twitter.
    A new study from Trend Micro reveals how the misuse of social networks can damage a business’ brand. The report also informs consumers how they might be tricked into a scam from what is believed to be a trusted source.
    Diet is already a key part of managing diseases like diabetes and hypertension, but new research adds to a growing body of evidence that it could help cancer treatment too.
    A new study finds that nutraceuticals which preserve muscle in reduced gravity are an essential requirement in the diet of astronauts embarking long-term space missions. These chemicals include resveratrol, found in red wine.
    An international team of astronomers has discovered a new solar system with a planet that could be habitable, a Spanish astrophysicist who led the research said Thursday.
    The next-step with the progression of the gene editing tool CRISPR is to be with non-genetic diseases, based on a new phase where the technology can be used to edit single letters in RNA. One application is to attempt to find a cure for blindness.
    The US-China trade war has finally extended to consumer goods. That’s lousy news for consumers and importers as real costs rise. The China/US range of things to clash about has simply been extended to the sole positive aspect of the relationship.
    Tens of millions of people on Indonesia's heavily populated Java island were affected by a widespread electricity outage Sunday after the state utility PLN reported disruptions at several power plants.
    Iran has seized a "foreign vessel" in the Gulf, state media said Sunday, in what would be the third such seizure in a month amid heightened tensions with its foe the United States.
    France's top diplomat played down on Sunday a last-minute refusal by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to meet him during a recent visit, when he angered the South American leader by meeting with NGOs which have been critical of Brazil's new governmen...
    Argentina star Lionel Messi was banned for three months and fined $50,000 on Friday by CONMEBOL after he heavily criticized the South American football governing body during the Copa America.
    American swimmer Makayla Sargent chatted with Digital Journal about winning the gold medal at World University Games in Napoli, Italy. She also spoke about how technology has changed the sport of swimming.
    Olympic swimmer Christopher Reid chatted with Digital Journal about being a part of the New York Breakers in the new International Swimming League (ISL).
    American pole vaulters Sam Kendricks and Sandi Morris have a major reason to be proud. They were the winners of the Capitol District Vault in Omaha, Nebraska.
    U.S. Marine veteran Chris Van Etten released his short film, "Walk," which hits the viewer like a shot in the heart. He serves as the narrator of the film, and it was directed by Rome Grant.
    On August 3, Long Island radio host Dan Romano sat down and chatted with Digital Journal about his latest venture in radio.
    Bassist ?Mike D'Antonio from the metalcore band Killswitch Engage sat down and chatted with Digital Journal prior to their headlining show at The Paramount in Huntington on July 30.
    On August 2, Grammy award-winning artist Sarah McLachlan performed at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, New York, with The New York Pops under music director and conductor Steven Reineke.
    From IBM’s purchase of Red Hat to the Microsoft-Oracle partnership, the so-called 'Cloud Wars' have seen major players pair up and pick sides. This is rare in the tech sector and a sign of a growing but uncertain market, says RackWare's Todd Matters.
    Canadian pipeline company Enbridge Inc said on Friday it would invite bids for contracted space on its Mainline system, as shippers compete to move oil on the country’s congested pipeline networks.
    Known for rolling up her sleeves, Bulgaria's Kristalina Georgieva has been lauded as the life of the party, as well as for her tenacity.
    Bank of England governor Mark Carney on Friday warned that a no-deal Brexit would be a shock for Britain, causing supply disruption and potentially undermining entire sectors of the economy such as the car industry and farming.
    The U.S. government plans to allow its citizens to legally import lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada. The problem is, they neglected to tell Canadian officials about the scheme.
    Bangladeshi twins who were joined at the head were recovering Friday after Hungarian surgeons performed a marathon 30-hour operation to separate their skulls and brains.
    Microsoft is working with a U.S.-based healthcare network to develop the hospital of the future. The technology firm has paired up with Providence St Joseph to develop a health-space in the Seattle area.
    A new study explains why one night of smartphone gazing might make a person feel tired the following day, but that this activity does not carry any long-term effects.
    Pacific island leaders insist climate change, not China, will top the agenda when they meet in Tuvalu this month as western-aligned nations push to curb Beijing's growing influence in the region.
    US President Donald Trump defended Saturday his hardline trade policy against China, arguing that the tariffs he imposed are bringing in "billions" from the Beijing government."Things are going along very well with China.
    Washington wants to quickly deploy new intermediate-range missiles in Asia, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Saturday in a move likely to anger China.
    A new opposition party backed by the estranged brother of Singapore's prime minister was launched Saturday in a fresh challenge to the government as speculation mounts elections could be called soon.
    Some 20 pilot whales have died stranded in mysterious circumstances on the south-western coast of Iceland, emergency services said Saturday, only two weeks after a similarly unexplained mass stranding had already killed dozens of the long-finned cetace...
    Electric scooters may appear to be an alternative and 'green' form of transport compared with cars or buses, but the environmental credentials of scooters are necessarily as good as some manufacturers claim, according to a new report.
    The latest data from the World Meteorological Organization shows the month of July "at least equaled if not surpassed the hottest month in recorded history" — and it followed the hottest June ever, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Thursday.
    Amazon is building two major renewable energy projects. The move comes after criticisms were leveled at the company in terms of not doing enough to fight the climate crisis.
    Thousands of tourists and students scrambled to get places on planes and buses leaving Kashmir on Saturday after the Indian government warned of the threat of "terror" attacks.
    The U.S. government plans to allow its citizens to legally import lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada. The problem is, they neglected to tell Canadian officials about the scheme.
    Indian authorities on Friday told tourists to leave Kashmir because of "terror threats", as media reports said 25,000 military reinforcements have been sent to the troubled Himalayan region.
    Bangladeshi twins who were joined at the head were recovering Friday after Hungarian surgeons performed a marathon 30-hour operation to separate their skulls and brains.
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